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What the bees say about bee wax ...

disease title free_available_hidden completly available for free author Year of publishing language type Switch to a pending state again.
Irritant diaper dermatitis Clinical and mycological benefits of topical application of honey, olive oil and beeswax in diaper dermatitis. free knowledge yes Al-Waili NS 2005 en scientific article
Hemorrhoid The safety and efficacy of a mixture of honey, olive oil, and beeswax for the management of hemorrhoids and anal fissure: a pilot study. free knowledge yes Al-Waili NS, Saloom KS, Al-Waili TN, Al-Waili AN. 2006 en scientific article
Osteoarthritis Effects of a Combined Therapy With D-002 (Beeswax Alcohols) Plus D-003 (Sugarcane Wax Acids) on Osteoarthritis Symptoms. restricted knowledge no Puente RA, Illnait J, Mas RM, Carbajal DM, Mendoza S, Ceballos A, Fernández JC, Mesa M, Reyes P, Ruiz D. 2016 en scientific article