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bee venom,royal jelly,honey,pollen,propolis Apitherapy Products for Medicinal Use free knowledge yes Patrick M Fratellone 2016 en scientific article
honey Traditional and modern uses of natural honey in human diseases: a review. free knowledge yes Tahereh Eteraf-Oskouei and Moslem Najafi 2013 en scientific article
honey Honey between Traditional Uses and Recent Medicine free knowledge yes Neveen Helmy Abou El-Soud 2012 en scientific article
bee venom,royal jelly,honey,propolis Review of the anticancer activities of bee products free knowledge yes Pongsathon Premratanachai and Chanpen Chanchao 2014 en scientific article
bee wax Beeswax: A minireview of its antimicrobial activity and its application in medicine. free knowledge yes Fratini F, Cilia G, Turchi B, Felicioli A 2016 en scientific article
bee venom,honey,propolis,bee wax Ethnomedicinal Uses of Honeybee Products in Lithuania: The First Analysis of Archival Sources free knowledge yes Zivile Pranskuniene, Jurga Bernatoniene, Zenona Simaitiene, Andrius Pranskunas, and Tauras Mekas 2016 en scientific article
bee venom,royal jelly,honey,pollen,propolis Apitherapy: usage and experience in german beekeepers. free knowledge yes Hellner M, Winter D, von Georgi R, Münstedt K. 2008 en scientific article
bee venom An Introduction to the Toxins Special Issue on "Bee and Wasp Venoms: Biological Characteristics and Therapeutic Application". free knowledge yes Pak SC 2016 en scientific article
honey Honey as a Complementary Medicine. free knowledge yes Miguel MG, Antunes MD, Faleiro ML. 2017 en scientific article
honey Honey: A Natural Remedy for Eye Diseases. restricted knowledge no Majtanova N, Cernak M, Majtan J. 2016 en scientific article
propolis Propolis: A Complex Natural Product with a Plethora of Biological Activities That Can Be Explored for Drug Development free knowledge yes Ricardo Silva-Carvalho Fátima Baltazar and Cristina Almeida-Aguiar 2015 en scientific article
propolis Historical aspects of propolis research in modern times. free knowledge yes Kuropatnicki AK, Szliszka E, Krol W. 2013 en scientific article